Thursday, July 19, 2012

The search for iConsciousness has already begun.

Tickets for STRATA (a Bricolage production) just recently went on sale but the performance is already underway -- and has been for some time.

My first encounter with STRATA was through advertisement (which is typical). All over downtown Pittsburgh there are posters with no explanation. Pictures of people. Men and women from all age groups, toddler to grandfather, staring into the distance. Expressionless. They all wear "futuristic" white jump-suits and the posters read, "iConsciousness."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Orange Flower Water: A Perfumed Distillation of Suburban Infidelity.

Saturday marked the close of No Name Players' Pittsburgh premiere of Craig Wrights' Orange Flower Water. The show ran from June 29th- July 14th.

In itself, the play is an intensely concentrated exploration of the pains of suburban infidelity. Every scene is loud, fast and full of consequence. As Sean Collier noted in Pittsburgh Magazine, "it is a play of ramifications." He also called the performance "Must See Theatre" and suggested one planned for post-curtain drinks because the play is "hard to recover from."